THE THREE STRANGERS AND OTHER STORIES                                              
    Publisher: Oxford Bookworms
    Level: 3 / 1000 headwords
    Audio: YES, in 4 parts -  1   2   3   4          

    ☻ On a stormy winter night, a stranger knocks at the door of 
        a shepherd's cottage. He is cold and hungry, and wants to
        get out of the rain. He is welcomed inside, but he does not
        give his name or his business. Who is he, and where has he
        come from? And he is only the first visitor to call at the
        cottage that night.
    ☻ In these three short stories, Thomas Hardy gives us pictures
        of the lives of shepherds and hangmen, dukes and teachers.
        But rich or poor, young or old, they all have the same 
        feelings of fear, hope, love, jealousy....
        (14. 2. 2016)

    POPULAR SCIENCE (1. 8. 2015)

    Part of the HOW IT WORKS bookazine series
    Level: unbridged
    Audio: NO
   ☻ Everything you need to know about the human body. 
   ☻ Amazing facts and stunning illustrations help you discover
       the human anatomy, how our bodies work and uncovers all
       of the answers to your curious questions. From how you hear,
       to how your digestions works, through how your bones repair
       fractures and on to how we express emotions. 
   ☻ This book explores the body like never before.

    COMICS (31. 7. 2015)

    Level: unbridged
    Audio: NO         

    With these graphically Illustrated Classics™, you learn what
    happens in the story in a number of different ways. One way
    is by reading the words a character says. Another way is by
    looking at the drawings of the character. 

    When Victor Frankenstein, a brilliant scientist, tries to create 
    life in his laboratory, the result is an ugly monster...



    FAMOUS FAIRY TALES (31. 7. 2015)

    Publisher: Penguin Readers
    Level: 2 / Elementary / 600 headwords
    Audio: YES, in 3 parts -  1   2   3          

    When a fisherman opens an old jar, a giant comes out. When
    a donkey opens its mouth, gold falls out. There is magic in
    these famous fairy tales. Good people are often unhappy, 
    but in the end they have happy lives.



    Publisher: Black Cat
    Level: 4 / B2 - FCE
    Audio: YES         

    These are just a few of the amazing stories created by Hector 
    Hugh Munro, a skillful short-story teller under pseudonym 
    Saki, ex-journalist who turned to writing satirical tales. Also 
    the book has some FCE-style exercises and grammar, spea-
    king activities. The book is recorded full and has an exit test. 



    THE FISHERMAN AND HIS WIFE (25. 6. 2015)

    Publisher: Oxford Bookworms
    Level: Beginner / 150 headwords
    Audio: NO        

    A fisherman finds a magic fish. The fosherman's wife wants 
    cottage. The fisherman asks the fish and they have it. 
    A week later she wants a house. A week a later she wants 
    a palace and she wants to be Queen. The fisherman's wife
    cannot be happy. She wants to be Emperor of all the world....

    SINBAD (25. 6. 2015)

    Publisher: Oxford Bookworms    
    Level: Starter / 250 headwords
    Audio: YES        

    Sinbad the sailor spends many years at the sea. He visits
    strange countries, meets some strange people and some
    very frightening animals. He sis sometimes rich, sometimes
    poor....and always in danger. But all the time he is learning
    from his adventures, until finally he returns back home to
    Baghdad, an older and wiser man.




    Publisher: Black Cat
    Level: 5 - Earlyreads / 300 headwords
    Audio: YES  
     Ali Baba's life changes on the day he sees forty thieves
    hiding their treasure in a secret cave and hears the thieves'
    leader say the words: "Open Sesame" to get into the cave.
    But before Ali and his family can enjoy the riches Ali finds
    there are many dangers they have to face....

    RICH MAN, POOR MAN (25. 6. 2015)
    Publisher: Macmillan Readers
    Level: Beginners / 600 headwords
    Audio: YES
    Adam's money order was for one hundred pounds. Suddenly
    he was a rich man! "Go to the post office," said the school
    teacher. "The post office official will give you the money.
    "Adam went to the post office. But the official did not give 
    him the money. Adam felt old and he felt poor again.

    ALICE IN WONDERLAND (24. 6. 2015)

    Publisher: Penguin Readers
    Level:  2 - Elementary / 600 headwords
    Audio: YES

     One hot summer day, Alice and her sister are sitting under 
    a tree. Alice sees a white rabbit and runs after it. The rabbit
    goes down a rabbit - hole and Alice follows it. Down there,
    everything is different. Alice is in "Wonderland". Her size
    changes, caterpillars can talk and rabbits have watches....
    What strange things happen to Alice in Wonderland?
    And how will she get back home again?






    Publisher: Penguin Readers
    Level:  4 - Intermediate / 1700 headwords
    Audio: YES, in 3 parts -  1   2   3 
     A man called Ratchett is murdered on the Orient Express. 
    He turns out to be a gengster known, who killed three
    members of the same family and one of their employees.
    A Belgian detective, Poirot, investigates. There are many
    confusing clues, but he eventually discovers that all the
    passengers and a conductor are in some way connected to
    the family and twelve of them are guilty of the murder.

    THE COLLECTOR (20. 6. 2015)    

    Publisher: Oxford Bookworms
    Level: 1 - A1/A2 / 400 headwords
    Audio: YES
    Clinton lives in the year 2561 - a time when people have
    learnt to travel through time. He works as a collector of
    expensive antiques, and travels back to Britain in 1993
    to buy something - something he can sell for a lot of money
    when he gets back to his own time. But life is not easy
    hundreds of years in the past....

    THE RAINMAKER (16. 6. 2015)

    Publisher: Penguin Readers
    Level: 5 - Upper-Intermediate / 2300 headwords
    Audio: YES, in 4 parts -  1   2   3   4    
    Rudy Baylor, an inexperienced law student, is asked by Dot 
    and Bud Black to help them in their fight against a powerful
    insurance company. Their son, Donny Ray, is dying, but his
    claim for medical insurance has been refused. Can Rudy
    really give them any hope? Will justice be done?

    DRIVE INTO DANGER (16. 6. 2015)

    Publisher: Oxford Bookworms
    Level: A1 - Starter / 250 headwords
    Audio: YES
    Mark Miles has many trucks. They drive all over Europe
    taking different things to different places. But today, Mark
    and his son Andy are having a bad morning. One of their
    drivers has a bad arm and cannot drive. But Kim Parker
    can help, she can drive a truck. So she drives a truck to
    France with Mark's son Andy, but it is a drive into danger....

    POPULAR SCIENCE (16. 6. 2015)  


    Publisher: Oxford Read and Discover
    Level: Beginners / 300 headwords
    Audio: YES  
    What is the biggest tropical rainforest? Where do orangutans
    sleep? This motivating non-fiction is rich in content and
    beautifully illustrated. Stunning colour photos, with maps,
    diagrams and charts supports understanding and extend the
    text. Audio recordings bring the language to life and help with
    the pronunciation.

    COMICS (15. 6. 2015)
    Publisher: Georges Remi Hergé
    Level: unbridged
    Audio: NO

    This first adventure of Tintin, the boy reporter, appeared in
    1929 in a children's supplement to a Belgian daily newspaper,
    Hergé's satire on the Soviet state was ver\ much of its time.
    Soviet propaganda to persuade the world outside Russia that
    the economy was booming was a particular target for Hergé,
    as were the activities of the secret police, the OGPU.