“Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can.
There will always come a time when you will be grateful you did.”
- Sarah Cadwell

- There are a lot of reasons why foreigners learn Czech. -
Some learn just because they like Czech language. For others, the motivation is work, study at a Czech university or it is necessary for granting of citizenship or permanent residence.
Whatever the reason, 
Czech knowledge for the life in the Czech Republic is very important.
   Czechs perceive the effort of foreigners to speak their language as an expression of the respect for the Czech Republic and her speech.

What makes us different....

 unlike other language schools, we have 100% indi-vidual approach to each student

 teach courses primarily for individuals and guarantee maximum progress in the shortest possible time

 if students do not want to study themselves, they can learn in a group of two students in the DUO course 
two students = one price -

 on request we can open for a few friends or members of one family group classes as well

 learning takes place without the mediation of language only based on communication in Czech

Foreigners who want to live a long time in the Czech Republic and apply for a permanent residence permit, must pass an examination in the Czech language at A1 level.
Foreigners who apply for citizenship must pass an examination in the Czech language
at B1 and testing of Czech life and institutions

What we offer....

     Experienced Czech lecturer who is teaching most enthusiastic, always with
    a smile on her face, is friendly and infinitely patient.  

     According to the Czech Express A1/1, A1/2 we teach students who need
    to acquire language level A1Czech Express A2/1 follows the first two parts
    and after its completion the student will be able to communicate at A2 level.
    Opinions of Czech Step by Step 2 builds on the curriculum of Czech
    Express textbook. After completing the second part of the textbook students reach level B1.

 In the lessons we communicate only in Czech language, foreigners learn Czech language in use, and learn Czech think and understand.

 Length of teaching lessons is 45/60/90 minutes.

 Lesson can be canceled 24 hours before the start of lessons. If you do not cancel it in time, we can not occupy another student's term, and therefore we will charge the lesson in full.

 Candidates may contact us by email or telephone.

 Current prices of courses can be found on the Price List.