1.  Skype Czech Course is a modern way of teaching the language, especially for those who want to start learning Czech or perfect in the comfort of their home or office.
    You can learn on Skype if you do not have the time to attend lessons regularly or live far away from teaching. 
  2.  With lessons on Skype you can learn at home at a time that suits you. Usually it is early in the morning or on weekends. Time and date may be moving.
  3.  Skype enables voice and visual connections wherever
    the student has access to fast internet.

  4.  Courses are suited for students from beginners up to
    intermediate level.

     Classes are focused on communication and designed according to the student's needs.

     The aim of lessons is to learn how to communicate fluently and confidently in the Czech language.

                             How does this work....

  5.    All you need is a computer, the Internet connection, Skype
      program installed, standard headphones and microphone.

       For continuous quality teaching is needed broadband 1-2
      megabytes download and upload 250-500 kilobytes. Speed can
     be measured on 

     Conditions for registration in this course is to read and accept the Terms and Conditions.

     Interested in a course first register here.

     The lesson can be canceled by phone 24 hrs in advance. If you do not cancel classes on time, we cannot occupy another student's term, and therefore we will charge you the full amount.

     Current price of the course can be found on the Price List. 

       Then click on the shopping cart, select the Skype Czech Course, select the length of  
      the lesson (45/60 mins), the number of lessons (1/5/10/15/20) and pay in a basket.
  7.  The lesson can be canceled by phone 24 hours in advance. If you do not cancel classes on time, we can not occupy another student's term, and therefore we will charge you the full amount.

                              The course lessons....

      The courses are taught only by a Czech lecturer.

      The Skype Czech lesson course takes 45/60/90 minutes.

      For the Skype Czech course we chose the Czech Express  or Czech step by step textbook. (depending on the level of the student)

      All grammar students discuss and practice in the lesson. Lecturer does not teach only by the student textbook, but also places emphasis on the development of communication skills.

                        Terms and Conditions

    1. Payment hours
    1.1 Specified number of hours are paid in advance payments.
    1.2 Payment can be made by bank transfer to the acc.n. 229574183/0800.
    1.3 After crediting the amount of money from the student in the account, we arrange a day and time when the training starts.
  8.  Current price of the course can be found on the Price List. 

  9.     2. The course lessons
        2.1 Lessons are held regularly at the appointed day and time.
        2.2. At the scheduled time the lecturer contacts the student via Skype. Maximum waiting time
        until a client connects is 10 minutes from the scheduled beginning of teaching.
        2.3 If a client connects late, they must be aware that their lesson will not be extended and
        therefore the lesson length will be shorter.
        4.2 Prepaid lessons are valid for 6 months and if the client ends the course early, the course fee  
        is not refundable.

        3. Moving or cancelling hours
        1.3 Lesson can be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance (telephone, email). Students will not be
        charged for a lesson and it will be replaced in a pre-arranged time.
        2.3 Lessons can be canceled only once in four sessions.
        3.3 In the event that the lesson will not be able to begin due to technical reasons on the part of
        the teacher, the student will not be charged and will be rescheduled at a prearranged time.
        4.3 In case of cancellation of the course by our Language Centre, a student will get back the
        number of all unrealized lessons from the date when the cancellation was notified.
        5.3 If the student cannot contuinue on the course for health reasons, in return for a valid medical    
  10.     report, we will refund fees for all lessons that can no longer be carried out from the date of notification.
        6.3 Prepaid lessons can be transferable at the discretion of english1to1.

  11.     4. Our provisions
        1.4 Our Language Centre guarantees quality of teaching and an active, honest, responsible and
        friendly approach to the student.
        2.4 The trainer is fully adapted to the student's time schedule.
        3.4 The provision of supplementary teaching materials are included in the course.
        4.4 Click below to agree with term and conditions.


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