“The limits of my language are the limits of my world.”
- Ludvig Wittgenstein

 For certified exams for foreigners of the Czech language, candidates can enter Charles University in Prague. This exam is recognized
by many employers in the Czech Republic and abroad,
and some universities.

The test is offered at four difficulty levels A1-B2.

  Which course to choose?

   Individual course is suitable for those who want a more personal 
   approach of a lecturer.

 DUO course is designed for a group of two students who do not want to learn themselves but they do not like a group lesson. The price of this course is favourable because two students share the cost.

 Intensive course can be expressed in words aptly RAPID PROGRESS. It is suitable for those who need to learn grammar and vocabulary at a short time maximum.

 Conversation course focuses on vocabulary and verbal skills form of communication, games, listening and articles on various topics.

 Exam courses for applicants for permanent residency prepare for the exam at the desired
level A1.

 Exam courses for the purpose of granting citizenship is suitable for those who need the desired level B1.

  • The test consists of two parts, a language and cultural studies. Student must demonstrate communicative competence in Czech language at the required level B1 and a test of knowledge of the realities of the constitutional system of the Czech Republic and a basic understanding of socio-cultural, geographical and historical facts of the Czech Republic.
  • The candidate may consist of both parts of the exam on the same day or each test separately (two different dates)

 Courses in preparation for college offer the opportunity to prepare for the exam in the Czech language at various levels. The desired level exams (A1, A2, B1, B2) must identify students at the faculty universities, where they enroll.

 Skype English course is suitable for those students who do not have time to attend classes or live far from the place of instruction. Lessons are held individually with an experienced and qualified instructor.

 Current prices of courses can be found on the Price List.